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Why Should I List With Dotoli Group

Dotoli Group utilizes industry-leading marketing strategies that enable us to promote your home to an audience. That is willing, able, and capable of purchasing such an exclusive product. We understand that one-half of one percent of the real estate consumer audience can afford a property of such value.

Therefore, we have mastered the art of marketing directly to that particular audience and the individuals that influence those individuals’ decision-making processes. (CPAs, accountants, attorneys, fund managers, etc.). Analytical data shows that DotoliGroup.com consistently generates between 8-10k unique visitors per month. Approximately 90% of that audience is composed of the Top 10% of income earners nationwide. DotoliGroup.com’s audience consists primarily of a 45-65-year-old male demographic, the average age range of individuals who purchase multi-million dollar homes. Below is an outline of strategies that Dotoli Group utilizes when you decide to list with Dotoli Group to generate traffic specifically for buyers of million-dollar homes:

1- High Net Worth Audience Targeting

Is the foundation for all of our luxury marketing initiatives. Through third-party data aggregates, we advertise your home to individuals across the country who are in the top 1% of income earners. Refined data targeting allows us to reach people online that show signs of particular behavioral interest. For example, we can target those looking for movers. People actively browsing real-estate-related content, or yachting and boating content, even people who recently searched for multi-million dollar listings in South Florida

2- Custom Content Creation

 We understand what consumers at this level are searching for online. There is no secret that everyone’s online behavior is trackable. Therefore we write custom blog content and submit that through a vast publishing network that targets affluent individuals who have similar behaviors to other luxury waterfront property owners.

3- Google Adwords Targeted Ads

 Where the searcher is actively looking for a keyword related to your home. For example, “luxury waterfront homes on the Intracoastal in Fort Lauderdale.” We dominate this space by ensuring your listing is advertised at the top of the search engine.

 4- Email Advertising

 This is NOT email marketing. People spend, on average, 6.3 hours per day checking email—that’s more time than spent on Facebook or watching TV. Dotoli Group partners with Liveintent, a unique unduplicated source for premium native and display advertising inventory. LiveIntent is the only supply vendor to advertise within email newsletters from premium publishers like The Wall Street Journal, Target. Women’s Health, and more. The process consists of generating a custom-designed banner advertisement “Just Listed” with a photo of your home placed on the top fold of weekly email newsletters from companies.  Like Cnet, Biz Journals, WSJ, Better Home & Garden, and hundreds more alike. We even take it one step further by only advertising on newsletters delivered to individuals with behavioral propensities and the financial integrity that fit the target audience criteria.

5- Location-based targeting

We refer to this as Geo framing. Geo framing collects mobile and local device IDs from users who have entered a predefined location at a specific time and allows you to target those users later on after they’ve left. For example. DotoliGroup would create a strategy that will enable us to market your listing to any individual who has visited any real estate office located in Broward or Dade county within the past two months. And yes, we can separate that audience from clientele, aka potential buyers and the actual realtors who work in those offices. We can also advertise your listing to every homeowner that lives in a waterfront home on the entire Intracoastal waterway. Exposure to the right audiences is the key to our marketing success.

For more information on how to list with Dotoli Group, contact Josh at 954.799.6403 or email Info@DotoliGroup.com.

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