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What To Consider When Buying A Condo

In today’s highly competitive condo market. Many developers are trying to sell condos by creating new and creative amenities for buyers like never before. They do this because they know that most people want a unique product in an area with high competition from other developments. The quest to create something different has led many architects working on these projects to develop designs that stand out above the rest. Such design elements include adding common space facilities (like gyms) or services (Beauty Salons) not found in single-family houses nearby. It’s all about making life more convenient and offering what everyone wants. In this article, we will talk about what to consider when buying a condo.

Developers have found creative ways to provide amenities for condo dwellers that go beyond the usual fitness centers or pools. Examples include:

  • Daycare programs.
  • Guest suites.
  • Children’s playrooms.
  • Access to a personal concierge service allowing residents use of an in-house babysitter or even on-demand housekeeping services.

Condo Buyers

Even though condo buyers are gravitating towards smaller spaces. Developers have learned to make excellent use of the total living area. New condo buyers can reap the benefits of state-of-the-art amenities without feeling like their giving up living space. The amenities become part of one’s daily routine. Many Luxury developers are building condos that feature 5-star restaurants, beauty salons, rooftop soccer fields, even Ice-Skating rinks. 

Social rooms are becoming popular among younger buyers. Who like to have friends over, meaning they no longer need to entertain them within their suite exclusively. Many mid-rise condos also offer landscaped rooftop terraces with ample patio furniture and BBQ grills for socializing outside on the roof.

Car and bike-share programs are also becoming popular features within vertical communities. These programs allow residents to book a vehicle or bicycle on-demand without the costs of ownership. These users benefit from carpooling and cycling while avoiding parking headaches in crowded cities like Miami.

Luxury Buildings

The amenities available in some of the higher-end luxury buildings can be overwhelming; therefore, before you make a purchase think about how important each building amenity is to you. If you don’t foresee yourself using the facilities regularly, they may not be worth the extra money of having them included in your monthly maintenance fee. An indoor track or tennis court may sound prestigious and exclusive, but not utilizing them will cost you more money.

Condo Living

Condo living is essentially synonymous with convenience. People choose to live in condos in areas where people work, socialize, and play. All within a short commute distance from each other. Having every feature and facility under one roof seems like less effort than having to travel between different places for errands or exercise. Thus, most condo complexes boast their fitness centers and parking garages along with many others.

Whether you want prestige or pragmatism, today’s market is chock full of options for buyers like yourself! Everyone has their preference, so it’s up to your which amenities are most important. For more information on what to consider when buying a condo and which buildings are best suited for your needs in this competitive condo market, contact Josh Dotoli, Principal-agent with DOTOLI Group.


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