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Things To Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment

Things To Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment

Moving into a new place can be an exciting process. Even better, relocating to your first apartment is incredibly thrilling as it’s often filled with lots of hope and dreams for the future.

From finding just the right spot in a great neighborhood to ensuring all of your belongings are packed and ready, there’s so much that goes into moving out on your own – and ensuring you have everything accounted for before moving in. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled some tips to help set you up for success when planning your move! Read on to discover our guide to getting ready to move into your new home.

Create a Budget and Stick to It 

Moving comes with all sorts of expenses—from rent and utilities to furniture and housewares. Before you move in, create a budget and stick to it. This will help ensure that you don’t overspend on unnecessary items or find yourself short on cash when it’s time to pay the bills.

Research Amenities Nearby 

Take some time to research the area around your new home. What kind of amenities does it offer? Are there any parks nearby? Are there transportation options available? Knowing what’s nearby can help you plan your daily routine and decide which activities you want to participate in during your free time.

Set Up Utilities and Services 

Before you even think about packing boxes or loading up the truck, you must take care of the essentials first. Setting up utilities such as water, gas, electricity, cable/internet, and telephone services should be at the top of your list. If you are moving from out of state or across town and need to know who these services are provided by in your new area, try doing an online search or asking friends or family members who live nearby. Once you have identified the companies that provide these services in your area, call each to set up a service in your name before moving in.

Organize Your Packing 

Once you have taken care of the essentials, such as setting up utilities and services, it’s time to get organized! Making a checklist of items you need to pack is an excellent way to keep track of everything. This will also save time and energy when it comes time to unpack since all of your items will already be sorted and labeled accordingly. As for what things should go on that checklist?

Think about what type of furniture and appliances will be coming with you (i.e., washer/dryer), if any decorations need to be hung on walls or shelves (i.e., art prints), or if there is any special equipment like a carpet cleaner that needs to come along with you for the move. For fragile items such as dishes or glassware, consider investing in bubble wrap or other packing materials to stay safe during transport.

Clean Your New Apartment Before Moving In 

Once your furniture is moved in, take some time to thoroughly clean the entire space before unpacking all your belongings. Make sure to sweep and mop floors, scrub down bathrooms, wipe away any dust or dirt on walls or fixtures – basically anything that needs cleaning should be done before unpacking so that everything feels fresh and new when it’s time to settle in (and also so that nothing gets dirty while unpacking).

Inventory Your Belongings  

Take some time before moving day to inventory your belongings—especially more oversized items like furniture—that will be coming with you on the move. This way, if something gets damaged during transit, it can easily be identified and replaced without worrying about unnecessary hassle afterward. You may also want to consider taking pictures of each item prior just so that there’s no confusion once everything has been unloaded at your new place.

Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbors   

You want to know who lives around you to move into an unfamiliar area. You can introduce yourself by sending out welcome cards or inviting them over for dinner once everything is settled in your home; either way will do just fine! Introducing yourself to your neighbors helps build relationships and gives you peace of mind knowing who lives nearby in case anything ever happens.


Moving into a new apartment can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, but taking care of these few simple tasks beforehand will help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch on a moving day! From securing utilities and preparing your home to introduce yourself to your neighbors, following this checklist will ensure that everything runs smoothly on moving day and beyond! With these tips in mind, it will be soon that you’re settled in and ready to enjoy life in your brand-new apartment!

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