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The Top Benefits of Buying a Luxury High Rise Condo

There are many reasons why someone might want to buy a luxury high-rise condominium. Perhaps you’re looking for more space, or maybe you want to be in a prime location that offers easy access to all of the best amenities. Whatever your reasons may be, here are 10 benefits of buying a luxury high-rise condo:

1. Exposure To Natural Light:

Did you know that many buildings don’t let in enough sunlight? This can make rooms dark and depressing, affecting how you feel about living there. In contrast, luxurious high-rise condos are designed with ample windows, brightening up any room and making it feel larger than it is. Developers of the ultra-luxury condo buildings spend millions of dollars on extensive research and discovery efforts before deciding where to build a luxury vertical community. That said, it’s safe to assume that the location chosen for your luxury condo building is going to be in a prime area of town, with easy access to all of the best amenities and attractions.

The Top Benefits of Buying a Luxury High Rise Condo

2. Security and Safety:

Luxury high-rise condos generally don’t have exposed stairwells so that no one can slip in uninvited. They also often offer underground or gated parking garages, along with a 24/7 security guard onsite.

3. Downtown & Ocean Views:

Not only does location matter, but also does exposure. Ocean & city views are some of the best since they offer an expansive view of the city skyline or neighboring buildings. If you’ve ever lived in a high-rise building, then you know how amazing it feels to look out over the city while standing in your kitchen or shower. These luxury high rises are positioned on a plot of land according to the consumer’s most desired view. They also consider sunlight exposure for those who may not want the morning sun but live for the sunlight golden hour.

4. Floor Plans:

Luxury high-rise condos offer a variety of floor plans. Each floor plan has separate lines, aka columns, in the building that they occupy. Therefore, as long as you find a floor plan that suit’s your needs, your only other option is floor height. Typically you can see a 10k increase in value the higher the floor. Another ward, living on the 10th floor, can offer a completely different atmosphere than living in the same floor plan on the 20th floor.

5. Clubhouses:

Luxury high rises offer state-of-the-art amenities—especially those designed around entertaining. Condo developers spend a lot of money researching which amenities are most used and desired by high-net-worth individuals. They also understand that condos are limited in square footage. Therefore, they go the extra mile to develop and create clubhouses designed to “wow” your guests.

6. Luxury High-Rise Amenities:

Whether it’s an indoor pool or a concierge service, there’s usually something extra that sets these buildings apart from others. Luxury high-rise amenities often include Fitness centers equipped with the latest resistance and cardiovascular machines. Spacious locker rooms with showers and spa-like amenities. Multiple pools, rooftop bars, gyms and indoor playgrounds for kids, dog walk areas, the list goes on.

The Top Benefits of Buying a Luxury High Rise Condo

7. Luxury High-Rise Condos are Prime Locations:

If you don’t want to worry about yard maintenance or driving to the store, then a luxury condo may be right for you! Many of these high-rise buildings have restaurants, salons, even grocery stores located in the building.

8. 24-Hour Concierge Service:

By having a dedicated staff member who is on call 24/7, you can enjoy any number of benefits, like picking up your dry cleaning or finding the perfect restaurant.

Paramount Residences Fort Lauderdale is a premier luxury high-rise condo that offers 5-Star resort-style amenities. For more information on this building or similar building in the area that offers the luxury lifestyle, contact Josh at 954.799.6403 or send an email to Info@DotoliGroup.com, and we will have one of our agents reach out to you.

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