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Why Should I List With Dotoli Group

Dotoli Group utilizes industry-leading marketing strategies that enable us to promote your home to an audience. That is willing, able, and capable of purchasing such an exclusive product. We understand that one-half of one percent of the real estate consumer audience can afford a property of such value.

Therefore, we have mastered the art of marketing directly to that particular audience and the individuals that influence those individuals’ decision-making processes. (CPAs, accountants, attorneys, fund managers, etc.). Analytical data shows that consistently generates between 8-10k unique visitors per month. Approximately 90% of that audience is composed of the Top 10% of income earners nationwide.’s audience consists primarily of a 45-65-year-old male demographic, the average age range of individuals who purchase multi-million dollar homes. Below is an outline of strategies that Dotoli Group utilizes when you decide to list with Dotoli Group to generate traffic specifically for buyers of million-dollar homes: